Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sick Day Viewing

I have been sitting around the house all day with a horrible cold. I did force myself to do the dishes in my sink and washed my clothes because sitting in the house with that not done all day would have only made me feel worse. The rest of the time i was pretty much flumped on my couch taking in a mix of DVR'ed programs from the week and various reality shows on multiple cable networks. Here's a review of the new stuff I watched, tissue box for my runny nose in hand.

Tabitha's Salon Takeover (BRAVO) - This show was recommened by a BFF, but I didn't get the premise. There's this lady named Tabitha who we're told is big in the Salon industry and she goes around to crappy aalons gives advice and insults to the owners and employees for a week, redesigns their work spaces and then comes back to check up on their progress a few weeks later. I didn't understand how there would be enough disastrous salons to sustain a series about this, but I scrolled through the episode descriptions and saw that Tabitha spends most of her time out on Long Island, and it started to make sense. Nassau or Suffolk. North Shore or South Shore. There are tons of crappy haircutting places to be found. The show's not bad, but the premise doesn't really allow for much variation, so i think you have to really like hairstyling or think that every psychotic hairdresser is a distinct flavor of crazy, to keep coming back for more. It wasn't a bad start to a sick day though. 3 out of 5 tissues.

Pushing Daisies on DVR(ABC) - I liked Pushing Daisies a lot last season, but this premiere was bit weird. It probably didn't know how to shake the rust and dust off of last year's strike-shortened season. You know what probably wasn't the best course of action? An 8-minute long narration of everything that happened last season. I've tried to watch this episode twice before during the week and fell asleep both times and that's not a good sign. But I got through it today, and it's still got the style I like and the funny, But those Aunts gotta find out that Chuck is alive. I can't stand that secret anymore. There are juicier mysteries and secrets that have been introduced now. Let's get this one out of the effing way. Bonus: Petey Cambor is in this episode. I love me some Cambor. 4 out of 5 tissues.

Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Island (MTV)- This show is stupid. It required no thought which is all I had the patience for at the point of the day it was on. For some reason, they decided to try to make this season look more like Survivor stranding them on some island, but they gave them a beautiful shelter to live in and air drop food and wine to them. I swear the kids on Endurance have a tougher go of it (speaking of which, when does THAT show return...) They have to perform in challenges to win keys to build a boat to go to another island to look for money... oh don't waste your time trying to figure it out. I didn't. They all hate each other. Even returning host TJ LAvin seems to hate being there and all involved. Many of them have done 5 seaons of Challenges without winning a damn thing. Get jobs, people! You are OLD. The best part of this episode was when there was a plague of bugs that swarmed on the beach and everyone ran around like they were in a b-horror movie. Only one contestant had the sense to sit quietly under mosquito netting, and that was the only time he got any screentime during the show. 1 out of 5 tissues.

Exiled (MTV) - The premise is former My SuperSweet 16 particpants get shipped off to third world locations for a week to learn about what selfish wastes of space they truly are. It's like an "Send My Daughter to Bootcamp!" episode of Maury, only on a global scale. It wasn't bad. I didn't really watch the whole thing. I think the girl went to Peru? There were mountains and a girl named Helen who was kind of awesome. And there was guinea pig that was killed as an honored delicacy that did not go well for the Exiled Girl. Also, Helen showed her toughness when Exile Girl was being a brat about carrying water. Exile girl got her bucket dumped out in the grass and then was sent back down to the river to carry water the right way. I wandered away to get food before Exile Girl really learned anything, but she was pretty broken by Day 3 so I'll assume she learned something. 3 out of 5 tissues.

L&O: SVU on DVR(NBC) - Right now, SVU is performing at its crazy best. It's a procedural, but I like the episodes where you can't tell what the actual case is for the first 25 minutes or so. Last week's was like that too. The guest actors were all very good this week, but no one was SO more famous than the others that you imediately knew who the bad guy would be. Teri Polo gave a great performance as an emotionally devestated mom. It was all very sad as they fought for the soul of a teenage pedophile-in-the-making. Elliot also got his badge taken away - AGAIN. This can't be the first time. Anyway, it was a really solid SVU episode, I like the new ADA, but missed BD Wong. This epi was in total need of a shrink and he was MIA. 5 out of 5 tissues.

The Simpsons on DVR (FOX)- Homer and Flanders become Bounty Hunters and Marge bakes erotic cakes. 20 Years in, it still makes me laugh. It's the little things, like when Lisa is horrified when Homer brings her home a meth lab to play with, or when Flanders and Homer go chasing around Springfield jumping around like video game characters. 4 out of 5 tissues.

Top Design (Bravo) - I don't like this show. I only saw the last 15 minutes of it. There was a Design Triatholon? I wasn't impressed. This brief glimpse at the show made me feel like I wasn't missing anything. Also, the judges look totally crazy. Moving on. 1 out of 5 tissues.

Tim Gunn's Guide To Style (Bravo) - I was looking forward to this, cuz Tim Gunn is great, but they replaced his co-host and I don't like change. This episode didn't quite have the same zip to it as last seasons's installments, but the lady they had on seeemed sweet and she got some nice new clothes. The people being made over always seem really appreciative though. I would not mind Timm Gunn taking me to get designer suits. 3 out of 5 tissues.

I've been watching Chicago on E! as I've been typing this. There are some weird line dubs in this thing. I can see taking out the word "shit" I'm dubious over taking out the word "ass" and I have to laugh about the reworking of "Take A Hike!" Kitty. "Take A Hike!" shrieks Lucy Liu and later "Go Away!" it's funny and ridiculous. This movie is still sexy as hell though.

I'm hoping tonight's SNL really slams Palin from the debate. She earned it, Tina Fey. I need you to bring it. I'm sick and that will make me feel a little better.


NoddyMonkey said...

Sorry you are sick! Did you ever watch Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares? It sounds like thats what the salon show is based on, but its much better.

SuperOTM said...

I don't like Gordon Ramsey or kitchens, so it's not the show for me. :) I can only take him on clips of best week ever, and checking on the finale episode for the 30 seonds where the winner walks through the door.

NoddyMonkey said...

No no, its not Hells Kitchen. There is no winner, he's not just screaming at people all the time. He goes around to failing restaurants and helps make over the business. Have you seen that one?