Saturday, October 11, 2008

I finally watched you, Into The Wild!

I finally watched you, Into The Wild! I believe I've had you sitting on the end table in my living room for about 6 months, but finally I opened you up spent 2 and a half hours watching you and then put you back in the envelope and dropped you in the mail. Netflix will be so happy to have you back.

You were a good movie, Into The Wild. I always thought you would be, I was just never in the mood to watch you. I know you would be sad and possibly disturbing and I couldn't invest in watching you. I actually thought you were quite a beautiful movie with all-around great performances. It was totally worthwhile spending part of my sick day this week watching you. It shouldn't have taken so long, but better late than never.

Now I must update my Netflix queue, Into The Wild. It has been neglected since before you arrived at my house. Some of the movies I have to take off because I've watched them on cable, or bought them for my DVD collection. And there are new movies that have come out on DVD since then that need to be moved to the top of the list (I'm looking at you, Sex and The City and Kite Runner! Don't worry Shoot 'Em Up - you're still up there too!)

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