Wednesday, September 10, 2008

These Are The Champions My Friends

This is a couple days late because the finals went past the weekend, and I couldn't catch up in time. But credit will now be given where credit is due: Congratulations to Serena Williams and Roger Federer for winning the @2008 US Open Championships!

Serena kicked ass all throughout the tournament. You could tell it meant a lot to her to win another Grand Slam event and to regain the #1 ranking in the world. She was seething over her loss in the Finals at Wimbledon and elated to win gold with Venus in Beijing. This was a great way for her to finish off the tennis season. When she was done, she threw her racket 50 feet in the air and started hopping around like mad. I thought it was a totally appropriate response given all she went through to get there. Brava, Serena!

And then we have Roger Federer. Weakend by mono. Beaten in Australia. Crushed at the French Open. Dethroned At Wimbledon. Bumped down to #2 in the rankings. The year was not going well for the athlete who is arguably the greatest ever in his sport. But the end of summer brought two really nice things. A gold medal in doubles at the Olympics and now another US Open Title. I for one really appreciated seeing the raw emotion on the usually cool face of Fedex. He usually makes his greatness look so easy, but this tourney you got the sense that he was working for it. Not because he's not great, but because he wanted it so badly and was willing to fight whatever he had left in him to make it happen. I'm glad he did not have to go the whole year without a Grand Slam title and I'm also glad he didn't have to directly go through Nadal to get it.

I'm so glad to see these two champions return to the top of their form. As a fan of tennis, it's truly fantastic. Congrats, guys!

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