Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Forbidden Pleasures

Last night I went to see Forbidden Broadway: Dances With The Stars with a group of friends. We did not see that show. Instead we saw Forbidden Broadway: Goes To Rehab. ??? My ticket says Forbidden Broadway Dances With the Stars, so why is the playbill and the content of the show not the same? Is it old? Is it new? I don't know. The opening skit was not good and I was very scared for what was to come. I had seen the earlier version of FB (Special Victims Unit) and that was much better. But once the actual show parodies got under way, momentum continued to build and build. We all wound up really enjoying the performance.

The key to really understanding Forbidden Broadway is to have seen enough shows to understand what the hell they are talking about. It can be funny on it's own, but the less that goes over your head, the better. Our interest in going in the first place was to see what they did with in The Heights and thankfully that number comes pretty early in the show so I didn't have to be preoccupied with the anticipation all show. The ITH parody was ultimately quite funny. It's hard not to be defensive and to not like when they say things like "my friend can't act", but then you remember it's their job to send up all the shows and it's a heightened perception of everyone and it's best to just chillax and enjoy.

I thought Act II was especially one hysterical number after another. All the performers had at least one especially great impersonation they did. Whether it be Liza Minelli, Stephen Sondheim or Kristen Chenoweth. I give props to the guy who did Usnavi as well, i thought his rap kinda ran out of gas at the end (if i'm being honest) but i love Lin, and I didn't hate you, so I'd say that means you did a very good job. I personally enjoyed the Mary Poppins, [title of show], Young Frankenstein, Wicked, Spring Awakening, and Sunday in the Park with George spoofs the best. It's amazing to me how quickly and completely the actors change costumes and characters. It's really impressive.

If you like going to see Broadway shows or at least have a general knowledge of them then this is a fun cabaret-style night of entertainment that doesn't overstay it's welcome. If you go, let me know if they eventually change to title number and the playbill to say Dances With the Stars. I found that discrepancy very strange.

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