Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Firefox & Facebook

Firefox sits next to me at work. I call her Firefox because that is her web browser of choice, even though we have noticed several instances where certain online functions we need for our job only run using internet explorer. Still Firefox is loyal to her browser and finds a way to make it work.

She in turn calls me Facebook. This is because I tend to check in there a lot, even when i don't have an active Mafia game to keep tabs on (it would be worse if scrabulous was still around, Firefox didn't really know me like that before Scrabulous was cruelly ripped away from us).

Anyway, Firefox, sometimes aka Girl Friday, is awesome. I'm so happy she has come along into my life. For one, she's beautiful. Stunningly so, even if perhaps she doesn't completely know it. Work is always better when you are sitting next to an Attractive. Let's get it straight though, that Firefox and Facebook won't be dating. Fishing off the Company Pier? A no no.

Also in Firefox's favor, she's totally smart and good at her job. Usually it's either/or with the looks and the competence, but this is the complete package. She's like the Anti-Palin. She has good taste in music. She has awesome ticketmaster-style skills. She can hit the ground running when being thrown into an impromptu round of Cops & Ninjas 10. She only half-kids about her love of NKOTB. She has good storytelling skills. You see how much Firefox brings to the table? TONS.

Firefox also puts up with the crazy antics of Facebook very well. I constantly threaten to hijack her cellphone or gmail and send messages to cute boys or co-workers on her behalf. She knows I might go through with it, because one time I used her email account to convince the rest of staff to order pineapple pizza for lunch. In my defense, I didn't think anyone would believe me. I made lots of references to the fact i was writing on her account, but I still got my delicious pie ordered. MMM... pineapple pizza.

Anyway, Firefox is so cool, she thought she deserved her own blog post and I had to agree. So this be it. See you back at work in a couple hours, Firefox!

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