Wednesday, August 27, 2008

True Love Bites, Part 2

Well, I finally got through the end of the Twilight Series. I know all the sercrets and plot twists. The only question left to answer is why the hell was everyone so upset with the ending? I LOVED IT.

When last I left off, I wasn't liking the main characters, nothing was happening and Bella was stringing along a Vampire and and a Werewolf, both who loved her so. The end of the third book was kind of exciting. There was a big fight between a newborn-vampire army and the Cullen Clan, and - oh, SPOILER! - Edward finally killed Victoria. Thank goodness! I was sick of her. So then Bella decides to marry Edward and Jacob runs away as a wolf. Boohoohoo!

Then we get to Breaking Dawn. It all starts off pretty much the same with Bella actually getting married to Edward. Then they go on their honeymoon. Then the plot goes batshit crazy. And it's AWESOME. It's the strangest plot line this side of a week's worth of Passions episodes. There's a mystical pregnancy, Jacob comes back and there's a wolfy insurrection, and then most substantially, Bella gets Vamp'ed. But honestly? I don't understand why people are disappointed or upset. I'll give them surprised, because after three books of the status quo I didn't think Meyer had the balls to go there, but this is really where the story always should have been heading. I totally disagree with the EW review of this book. And I find it really insulting to say that the book is too gross for young readers. What the eff do you naysayers think they watch on tv or movies or see in advertisements for the latest sequel in the Saw franchise? What makes you think they can't handle Bella spitting up a fountain of blood as she tries to give birth to some human-vampire hybrid baby? Get over yourselves.

The last book redeems the whole series of books in my eyes. There's one big final confrontation between the good vampires and the not so nice vampires that could have had a more explosive pay-off, but it was still satisfying. I would've loved if most of the characters got killed in a moment of high drama, but it was not to be. It's pretty much the happiest ending you could hope for, yet somehow they've earned it. It was probably because Bella stopped being a helpless target and started being a target that kicked total ass. Bella and Edward will probably go on arguing who loves who more for the rest of eternity, but thankfully, us readers will not have to listen to it. The End!

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