Monday, August 25, 2008

Peace Out, Olympics!

Well, it's been an eventful two weeks, Olympics. This year's games in Beijing were pretty well structured. The Opening Ceremonies might have used a bit of smoke and mirrors, but was still jaw droppingly impressive. Then, despite the time difference, you managed to have swimming and gymnastics compete Live in American Prime Time. Those are two popular sports at which the United States excels. It was great to watch Phelp's races as they happened. The gynastics had lots of drama as the U.S. battled the impressive Chinese home team. Even the Today show (as I got ready for work everyday) was sort of interesting, and I never like the Today Show.

Granted, things slowed down a bit as the second week carried on. More and more events were tape delayed, and I'd cheat on the internet to find ou the results ahead of time. But you still had some great champions emerge like Usain Bolt, and the whole squad of Chinese divers. You had some great teams competing in both men's and women's Beach Volleyball, In-Door Volleyball, Basketball, Water Polo and Soccer. These Games seemed different and interesting. The athlete profiles were not manipulative and schmaltzy like they have been in the past. I enjoyed it. Good times.

Now we move on, fond memories in hand. It's time for the athletes to relax for a few weeks. Let them scarf down Ben and Jerry's, watch some TV, and stop exercising. It's time for the Today Show to come back to New York and become unwatchable again. Time for NBC to turn off the Robot Bob Costas and let his batteries recharge until the Winter Games in 2010. Time to liberate Mary Carillo from her wacky Asian adventure segments so she can return to commentator glory at the US Open. Time for the rest of us to start living again! And by living, I mean immersing myself in 2 weeks of pro-tennis in Flushing Meadows. Vamos Rafa!

But, before it's all over... once more for the road... USA! USA! USA!

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