Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympic Shout Out of The Day #1

The Olympics are something that I'm never really interested in while they are not going on. Out of sight. out of mind. Whenever they come around, I always roll my eyes at how much build up there is. It's over the top. But then i sit down and watch an event, and get totally wrapped up in it, because inevitably something amazing happens. So that time has come again, and I'm feeling the Olympic Spirit.

One of those amazing things was last night's final of the 4X100 Men's Freestyle Swimming Medley. Going in to it, France was heavily favored, and the US needed the win to keep Michael Phelps's dream of 8 gold medals in 1 Olympics alive. The French team was talking smack before the race, just to improve relations between our two countries. Then they got in the water. France had a good lead throughout well above the world record pace, but then in the last 50 meters the US men turned it on and then narrowly edged out the French to win the gold. Everyone went crazy, none more so than the US swimmers who just won gold. France was stunned into silence. It was awesome. I stood up and cheered. It was amazing.

So props to the US Men's Swimming team. You guys brought it and it was awesome. I must say though, that nothing I've seen at this or an Olympics makes me think that the Summer Games of 2012 in NYC would have been a good idea. The tourism would have been good for the city, but it would've been impossible to live here. Traffic can barely handle an event like The All-Star Game or a parade in the Canyon of Champions. Two weeks of gridlock would have driven everyone crazy. Unless you are travelling, I believe the Olympics is best viewed from a distance.

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