Sunday, August 17, 2008

Olympic Shout Out #8

Dear Phelps,

Wow. That was certainly impressive. 8 Gold Medals in one Olympics! Throughout the meet, I couldn't figure out where you were getting this energy from, until I saw the segment where they went over all the food you ate. Who knew you sat down to eat 4 breakfasts worth of food in the morning? That's intense. I don't know how you can stand the sight of it. Day in and day out.

But back to the swimming. Great job. You created an unforgettable story at the Beijing Olympics. It's such an amazing accomplishment. The whole country loves you now, and will rightly celebrate your success.

When you come home, stay on your best behavior, please. No DUI's. The media is quick to turn on people and you are a much bigger star than you were in Athens. Other than that, enjoy yourself and take some well-earned time off. Rest and dream of the London games in 2012, where you will likely get 3 more medals and then be the most decorated olympian ever, over that soviet gymnast girl, who's name i forget. she holds the record at 18. I know you can do it!

Warm Wishes,

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