Saturday, August 16, 2008

Olympic Shout Out #6

Dear Fed,

I am so happy you are a Gold Medalist. I know this is something you have wanted for almost your whole life. It might not have come in the event you were thinking it would come, but I doubt that matters. You have brought your country a Gold Medal, and honored Switzerland with your skill, determination and amazing sportsmanship.

You and I have had a rough year together. In truth I have been rooting against you for a while now, in favor of Rafa. I didn't want you to win that French Open title that eludes you, so that Nadal could stay undefeated there. I wanted Nadal to beat you at Wimbledon even though thats really your tennis home. I have savored his ascendance in this year's points race, and I'm happy he will become #1 in the world on Monday. I hope that he too gets to wear Olympic Gold around his neck this weekend.

I want you to know that I've seen the pain these summer losses have brought you, and I feel terrible. I think so highly of you and I want you to succeed. I don't want to see you get bounced from tournaments in the second or third round. We both know you are better than that. I've only wanted to see Nadal reach his highest potential this year. The kid has been behind you at #2 for 3 years! That's long enough. Which is why, in two weeks, I'll be rooting for him to win the US Open. Being it's hardcourts, he probably won't win, and you definitely could. I would not at all be upset if you did. The thought of you going all year without a Slam title makes my tummy hurt.

Today, I was so happy to see you so happy. It was adorable the way you and Stanislav hugged and jumped up and down in each other's arms after you won the decisive 4th set. I know that loss at Wimbledon was very difficult to accept. When you look back years from now, I hope this Gold Medal brightens your memories of this summer. You are one of my heroes. Even though you are younger than me... but not by that much!

So, I will not be in your cheering section when you come to Queens. I will be shouting "Vamos, Rafa!" from my couch (and this year, from my seat in the stadium!). Just know that deep down, even in my silence, I am wishing you the best. You're a true champion.

All My Love,


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