Friday, August 22, 2008

Olympic Shout Out #12

Dear Misty and Kerri,

You ladies rule. You have not lost a match in over a year, and you did not let the pressure get to you here at your second Olympics. Gold in Athens, and now Gold in Beijing. Very impressive. You are the personification of dominance. Personally I think it's hard on a good day to play beach volleyball, but you two won the Olympics in the midst of a TOTAL DOWNPOUR! Very very impressive.

A friend of mine, who is clearly touched in the head, actually took time to write on his facebook page how impressed he was with your Chinese competition. That's right. He was somehow impressed by LOSERS who are not Americans. Now it's fine to give props to your competitors who are obviously great athletes. But he made no mention of your greatness. He only had good things to say about the Chinese, and I think that's wrong. I think it's un-American. He is a traitor. He has brought shame on his family and stoked the ire of our entire nation. Nothing he can do will ever make it right. Just be sure that no one else in this country feels that way. We all love you and are filled with pride because of your victory. Go Team USA!

Thoughtfully Yours,

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