Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Love I Love Money?

I Love Money is my new show of the Summer. It's kind of like The Real World/Road Rules Challenge (Or Inferno, or whatever the hell it's called now) but it's made some improvements on that show. For one thing, I believe the premise of this show. I believe these people love money, don't have much money and would really like to win more money. Another thing about ILM that's improved, is that although they play in teams, there will eventually be only one winner, so eventually teammates will turn on each other. Backstabbing is a prerequisite. Awesome.

If you're like me, you haven't watched the Real World or Road Rules in nearly a decade. That means when it comes to RW/RR Challenges, you won't know anyone on the show. This wouldn't be a problem if the contestants weren't such self-important, totally bland people. They seem to think they are awesome, when to us they seem totally wothhless. They have nothing to offer but their inflated self image. They need to be on a comeptition show called, "I Love Myself." That would really make sense for these people.

With I Love Money, these contestants come from shows like Flavor of Love, I Love New York and Rock of Love - With a pitstop from some in Charm School. As much as some of these people seem to hate each other, they all seem to understand they exist on the same low level of society. They want this money (they LOVE this money!) but if they don't win, they will keep clawing away for it in some other way on some other show. Even if you don't know who they are from those other shows (and I don't) they have more personality than the snobs on RR/RW. And some of them use their nicknames instead of their real names so you are treated to the likes of The Entertainer, Chance, Hoops and Pumpkin! They are like the slacker step-children of the American Gladiators family. I don't think they think themselves awesome, they're just self-serving and lazy and looking for quick cash. They seem to know it's no great feat to get themselves on a reality show. They've all been there before!

I Love Money isn't really entertaining or fascinating, but it does has a tongue-in-cheek melodramatic charm. It seems to know the contestants don't have much to offer, but it celebrates them anyway. I don't care who wins, but I'm interested to see who gets turned on when. I'd be just as happy if in some finaly twist, nobody walked away with any money, because none of them deserve it. And like I said before, even though it's all totally manufactured drama, I have a much easier time believing these people in this atmophere, than in their previous shows. While I can't believe anyone wants to really wind up in a relationship with Flavor Flav, New York, or Brett Michaels, I can totally believe they want cash and national exposure. Screentime is more important than "FACETME!" everytime.

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