Sunday, August 10, 2008

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

This past week I took my first paid vacation ever. It was so nice to have a week off. Work had been very busy for a very long time, and it was very nice to get away and take a breather. For my first week off ever, I decided to take my first trip to California. My buddy Ryland who had moved out to LA in October was gracious enough to put me up at his place for a few nights. He has a very nice studio in Koreatown and I appreciate the use of his air mattress and his car and having his uncomprable company for a few days of sun and fun on the West Coast. A special shout out to American Airlines and JFK Airport for having my flights there and back both leaving on time and actually arriving at their destinations EARLY. Considering their recent track records for cancelling flights and loosing luggage, I consider myself very lucky.

So arriving in LA, I learned a few things off the bat. 1) The sun is very intense and the temp. is hot, but the air is not humid. I find the dry air preferrable to the swampy humidity of NYC. It's too sticky here. 2) It's very easy to see why they keep having these horrific forest fires. The whole country side, while beautiful with it's cliffs and shoreline beaches looks like kindling. All the grass is much browner than I thought it would be.

So my several days spent in LA were filled with trips up and down the PCH, stopping off for lunch by the ocean in Malibu, trips to Griffith Observatory and hikes through the hollywood hills, lunch at In-N-Out Burger, and swimming in the Pacific at Santa Monica Pier.

I also got to have dinner from fellow wes alumn and FB Mafia Star, Ariana, and I drove myself from Koreatown to West Hollywood without getting lost! Amazing. Ariana guided by Grauman's Chinese Theater on our way to seeing a movie at the Arclight. They have fancier movie theaters in LA, with assigned seating and such. We saw Stepbrothers which was funny, but I honestly can't remember most of it now, because there is almost no storyline. It was fun though! Thanks, Ariana!

On Tuesday I got to go to Disneyland. A dream come true! But that's a story for another day. I'm very glad that I got to go though. It was great fun.

I came back to NYC on Weds, finishing Twilight on the plane ride back East. That book is deliciously boncos and will also get it's own follow up post very soon.

Thursday, Lin and I filmed his latest Youtube project. It was an hilarious all-day shoot with many awesome actors giving us amazing performances. I can wait for us to pour over the raw footage this coming week. We were going to do one five minute piece, but we know we have enough footage for a mulit part series. It's gonna be great!

Friday I went to Great Adventure with BFF Amanda. Clearly, I like to spend my time off from work going on rides. :) We went last year as well, just the two of us, so there was no real reason to take many pictures, since they would basically be interchangable. The weather was great, the lines were short and we had an awesome time. We did not go on the new Dark Knight coaster because the wait was 90 minutes and I haven't been able to find a person anywhere who liked it. My favorite quote of the day was from one random park-goer who summed it up thusly: Dark Knight? Dark CRAP.

Saturday and Sunday I sat around watching the Olympics and got my apartment organized. Very fun and very restful. I am now recharged and ready to go. Time to go back to work! Bring it on!

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