Monday, August 11, 2008

Farewell, Fanny Pak!

As the summer reality shows come to a close, new winners of random competitions are being crowned. Gladiators Season 2 has come and gone. Some guy and some woman won, but the real accomplishment was that Crush remained gloriously undefeated in all her events. Over on Fox, Joshua was named America's Favorite Dancer according to the viewers of So You Think You Can Dance, and it was an emotionally satisfying result. Next week will bring the somewhat strange conclusion of a show I guess i sort of enjoy, but ultimately think has become a puzzling enterprise.

I speak of Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew. It could easily be called So You Think Your Crew Can Dance? if that wasn't someone else's intellectually property. Hosted by the eternally super fit AC Slater, last season was really quite compelling. The problem with this season of this show is that 1) The voting public seems to fanatically support the most boring crews in the competition, and 2) the judges cannot seem to accept this and won't stay impartial. For realz, the people voting have got some weird preferences. One of the best crews is Super Cr3w, and the whole show seems geared toward having them win. The studio audience loves them, the judges rave about them, but people at home don't vote for them. They've been in the bottom 2 at least 3 times. The judges react by calling the voters fools and continually saving Super Cr3w from elimination.

There is something refreshing about this transparency but if they somehow win the competition, it will not be because they were well-supported throughout the competition but because the judges refused to drop them. A much quirkier and exciting group left this week; my belovedly strange Fanny Pak. They are total dance dorks. Great Dancers, very creative and athletic. But giant dorks. And it's awesome. In truth, the final should've been between Fanny Pak and Super Cr3w, but SoReal Cru got the most votes this past week and was safe, and then they proceeded to dance two of the most boring routines ever. The judges were not pleased. But ultimately, the judges refuse to ditch Super Cr3w, and Fanny Pak was sent home despite giving better performances this week. Sigh. So it goes. Here are two of Fanny Pak's best routines. Keep dancin', kids. This thing is RIGGED, but you made it so far!

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