Tuesday, July 15, 2008

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Sunday night I went to see [title of show]. I have heard buzzings about the show for a long time but i did not see it during it's run at The Vineyard (not Martha's). I'd seen some of the show's posts on youtube and their very amusing self-promotion at the Tonys and was very much looking forward to it.

I really enjoyed the show. Let me say that first. I think it's very funny and the cast is great. I must also say that when it first started, I was totally thrown. In recent week's I've gotten so used to the big broadway show with gigantic sets, lush orchestrations and huge ensembles of actors. This show does not have those things. It has four actors, with four chairs and a keyboardist. "This is Broadway??" screams the Vampire in my head. "This can't be done! Theey can't do THIS!" Oh, but it is Broadway. And I think it's good Broadway at that. The shows got talent and good laughs and bad language and heart.

The story in the musical is basically about these two nobody guys who are trying to write a musical to submit to a festival (perhaps the King's Festival) and dream of making it to broadway. They are joined by two actress friends who have varying degrees of professional success but are looking to create something new. The twists and turns of their dreams coming are highlighted as the play moves through it's 90 minute no intermission run time.

I'm really glad this show has come to Broadway. I really think it's important that different kinds of shows get this kind of exposure and recognition. There doesn't have to be one mold. This show is very funny and very heartwarming and the words really rang true to my ear. I enjoyed the songs, which again are not these epic pieces given the one keyboard, but you can tell they've been approached with intelligence and craft and some of the tunes I'm still humming to myself two days later and I've seem some flashier shows recently where I left not being able to remember a single melody. So no frills, ain't necessarily a bad thing. Plus the show makes at least 3 references to Into The Woods and has a project of the Carrie playbill on the wall at one point, so I didn't need much more than that to be won over. Yes, yes, I know that's pretty gay. But, hey, after all, it's Broadway!

I highly recommend this show and I hope it does really well. Congrats to Hunter Bell, Jeff Bowen, Susan Blackwell, Heidi Blickenstaff, Michael Berresse, Larry Pressgrove and everyone else who's been moving this show along on it's journey to Bway. I wish you guys a lot of success. Enjoy!

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