Monday, July 21, 2008

Strangeness and Sadness

This was a crazy day. Batman arrested! Estelle Getty dead! My blackberry left at work! Things are not right with the universe. At least Obama is doing okay on his trip to Iraq. That's some good news (knock on wood).

Let's start with Christian Bale. Things had seemingly been going so well. It'd been a long Batman-Themed weekend for the box-office and the entertainment news peeps. That's what happens when a movie breaks all sorts of records and makes over $150 dollars in three days. I'm a big fan of Batman. Always have been. Always will be! I'm a huge fan of Christian Bale too. He's a great actor and good looking in a non-pretty way. He's they kind of star you'd go gay for if you happened to find yourself with him and and he was interested. He's that awesome. And he and Chris Nolan have brought tons of respect to the floundering Batman franchise. So now two days after the weekend comes news that Christian Bale was being sought for questioning in an assault against his sister (!!) and his mother (!!!) at some hotel. It's bizarre. He presented himself to the authorities for questioning, but was ultimately not charged with anything. His mom and sister have said it's a family matter that the police are handling. Um... that would make it a police matter, ladies. Family matters are handled within the family without involving the authorities. Just so you know. It doesn't look like anyone was actually injured, but they are all adults so they should know better than to go all Springer on each other. Especially on a premiere night!

Secondly, it is sad that Estelle Getty has passed away, but she had been in poor physical and mental health for a long time now. She seemed like such a sweet and talented lady and I'm glad she is at peace now. She remains a total delight in reruns of the Golden Girls and created one of the most memorable and funny characters in modern television. In memory of her and her classic character, Sophia Petrillo, I am posting a link to one of my favorite scenes of her from the show, courtesy of the blur-o-vision of youtube.

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