Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sick Bodies and Sexy Dances

Here we have some clips from So You Think You Can Dance, the best dance competition show in town. No other show comes as close to illustrating that the act of dance is the most intimate connection two people can make without actually Doing It. But boy, do these dancers certainly come close to crossing that boundary! The show always has incredibly sexy and muscular dancers of both genders wearing little clothing and dancing amazing routines. This season we can marvel especially over Twitch and Will, two amazing dancers who have incredibly sick bodies, with partners who are also totally sexy and talented. Especially Kherington, whose face seems impossibly beautiful. But the muscle definition on the guys... urrrgh, i could be at the gym 4 hours a day and I still don't think i could ever look like that. It's not fair. You really have to live and work as a dancer in order to develop that kind of tone. When you watch them do these sexy dances, you can't help but wish you could look that good while dancing or Doing It, but you know in your heart of hearts you just never will. But hey, that's what voyeurism is for! SYTYCD allows us to get the mental images we can't get from an actual mirror. Posted below are two very sexy dances from last night's show, as well as an another great performance from Katee and Joshua. It's not as overtly sexy, but it's beautiful and they are an amazing couple. Admire the technique and lust after the sexiness! Will these evertually be the top 3 couples? Quite possibly.

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