Monday, July 21, 2008


Less than a week to my Half-Marathon race! Very exciting. Slightly intimidating. I know i can make it across the finish line. I am more concerned about what the weather will be like. Right now it's too effing hot to walk anywhere, let alone run there. But i also see thunderstorms on the horizon in the forecast and I don't want that either. I'd rather run in the sun and heat than the rain. I look forward to making my 2.5 hour playlist for race day this week. The race organizers might "strongly discourage" headhpone use, but they are crazy. How'm I supposed to run that far with no soundtrack?

I want to especially give a shout out to everyone who donated to my Summer of Run: Run for Autism Research website. I surpassed my fundraising goal with a wonderful total of $1175.00. I'm very pleased that my run can be connected with that organization and that money can be put toward helping children with autism. It's crazy how autism has suddenly been thrust into the headlines because of the moronic things Mike Savage said this week. He's on to the 99% of you autism-fakers! Ugh. It's total ignorance. I hope his ass gets fired for it. Or perhaps out OAR team can drag him behind us in chains for 13 miles. Awesome.

Here's a link to an article about people's responses to his comments.

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