Monday, July 7, 2008

AMNH Food Court: Portions For Fatties

Miguel and I are frequent visitors to the American Museum of Natural History. We both love the place and it's just a subway stop from his school. It's nice and close to his karate school too, so when he has late afternoon karate class, we can stop in the museum quickly and walk through an exhibit. And get a snack at the food court. The food court at AMNH is pretty well stocked. It's over-priced, but that's par for the course with museum food. I can't get miggy anything sweet, because then he'll have no focus during karate, so we usually split an order of chicken nuggets and french fries and water. If he doesn't have karate following museum time, I'll usually get him something small but sweet. However, if he's misbehaving before we get our snack, I'll get myself a chocolate chip cookie and a pink lemonade along with our nuggets and fries but not let him have any as a punishment. Heeheehee! Now before you start calling me, "Cruel Taskmaster O!" you should know that he really has to be bad for me to eat something tasty in front of him, and that since he loves food more than pretty much anything else in this world, it's the only way to reinforce to him that his bad behavior has really cost him something he likes. Plus I don't taunt him as i eat the cookie. I'm not totally heartless.

Anyway, the normal size for chicken nuggets and french fries is plenty as a tasty snack. They usually give us 7 (all playfully shaped like dinosaurs! the most bang for your buck comes from the stegosaurus) so Miggy gets 4 and I get 3. The bucket o' fries is more than enough to sustain two people as a side dish.

So we go there today after summer camp gets out, and head to the food court for a snack. When we get there, Miggy and I note several things have changed, since we last visited a bout two weeks ago. There are a few more choices, different drink options and when we get to the chicken and fries station, the fries look weird. Something about the proportion is off. It looks roughly like the same amount of fries, but the container that holds them is larger than usual. We have to wait for a new order of nuggets and when they come out of the frier, the chef dumps them into the same kind of giant-sized carton holding the fries. We get no less than eleven nuggets! Miggy's hungry eyes widen as he takes in our haul. After we pay, we go to the ketchup dispensers and the plastic cups that hold the ketchup are now bigger too! Miggy was thrilled but it turns out our eyes were bigger than our stomachs as we struggled to eat all the food. We could not make it through all the fries after the chicken was devoured. In today's struggling economy, how can the AMNH afford to INCREASE their portion size? It's... thoughtful, I guess, if you're really hungry, or feeding a family of four on a budget. But seriously, if I was eating by myself would i really need 11 chicken nuggets (which because they are dinosaur-shaped, are really more like chicken fingers)? I love you, AMNH. And thanks... but no thanks. There was really no need to super-size me. I visit too frequently and can't have you turning me into a fatty. And just so you know I still love you, let me say your pink-lemonade is delicious, even if it does make the kid start bouncing off the walls.

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