Sunday, July 13, 2008

10K the Hard Way

Today was my 10K Race in Central Park. It did not go exactly as planned. I left with plenty of time to get to the race so I'd have time to spare to stretch and breathe and prepre myself. Then things went wonky on both the N train and the 6 train as I was making my way to the starting line on the East side of Central Park on 103rd st. I started worrying that I'd be late while still on the N train, because it stopped to wait for more than 5 minutes at 39th Av in Queens, due to one track being closed, but then after i transfered off the N to the 6, when I got to 68th street, dozens of racers got on my subway car. They must have been waiting there forever. We picked up more and more racers as we got to 103rd street. When we got off the train we all had a nice warm up jog, trying to get to the starting line on time. Still when we got into CP, the race had already started, only by about 2 minutes, but i had to get on the end of line and would have to make my way through all the slowpokes at the back of the pack (no offense, slowpokes!). I also had my backpack with me and needed to find the baggage area before i started. The thing i wasn't counting on was that they would have the baggage area in a different spot than last time, even though the starting places for both races were roughly the same. I couldn't find where the baggage area was, so i decided to just run the race wearing my backpack. It was not ideal, but what could i do? Luckily i didn't really have lots of stuff in my bag, So i ran the 6.2 miles with my backpack and I still had a 9 minute pace so I'm pleased with myself. I ran totally within myself too, i felt like i had a lot left in the tank when it was over which bodes well for my Half-Marathon in two weeks. Hooray!

Later on in the day I went to Astoria Park to try and get some sun, so that when I go to California in the beginning of August I'm not the palest of pale people, and also to start reading that Twilight Series of books. I'm not yet hooked on them, but i think the language and tone are such that I will eventually get hooked, i just haven't totally locked in yet. At the park it was dragonfly mating season, which was especially scandalous because of what's posted below. I may never be the same. Isabella, what have you done?? :)

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