Saturday, June 7, 2008

Your Very Last Chance, To Shut Your Face And Dance!

So it all comes down to this. The not-at-all-surprising conclusion to Shut Your Face And Dance. We have Cody aka Captain Vanilla, Michelle aka Mochi aka Mochelle, Nick aka Nearly Passionless Nick aka NPN and Miguel aka Homeless Prince. They all want it, but who wants it BAD enough?? Let's tune in and see, shall we?

You can go now, Gay Credits. KABOOOM!!!

Breakfast! Cody does not like being characterized as cold by Nancy. He is going to step it up. Emotionally. Miguel also did not like being in the bottom. He is going to step it up. Physically. Let's see who can do better in the GRAND FINALE!
The 4 remaining cylon dancers meet with EB and Jerry. Each dancer will get 30 minutes with Jerry Mitchell to work on their solo pieces. That's great. Jerry knows what he's talking about. He's been sitting around for a whole season before they let him finally DO something. Nick is up first. His dance is fun in a silly way, but doesn't look that technically hard, to be honest. Jerry constructively tells him he needs to find an ending that makes sense with the rest of his story.

Mochi is next. She is doing an Asian warrior dance. Jerry loves it. Mochelle has a kimono costume she wants to use. Jerry points out that it masks some of her beautiful lines. Mochelle finds a good point in the dance for her to lose the kimono and is very excited about what Jerry has done with her.

Next is Miguel who is doing a clark kent-alter ego routine. It is going to show off his choreography skills which Miguel tells us (again) is one of his strongest assets. Jerry gives him some pointers on how to dance in the kind of sneakers Miguel wants to wear. Miguel loves working with Jerry, but to me, Jerry's not too thrilled with Miguel's piece compared with Mochelle's.

Cody is last, but not least. He dances around. It looks mostly like everything else he's done, meaning technically great and a little emotionally vacant. Again Jerry seems to give him thoughtful advice that Cody appreciates. Jerry is 4 for 4 this week on giving awesome advice. They should've shown him being this level of helpful during the entire run of this show. I feel like all his screen time was spent spouting cliches about not giving up in the face of adversity. He's worth more than that.

The four come back to the theater and see EB standing there on the stage. She tells them they're gonna be dancing that night in front of a packed house of the Dance World's elite. Really? I don't understand why the elite of the dance world want to be on this show. Perhaps they have not seen it. So they have an opening number to learn. All four of them would rather just do their solos now and end the competition but they know it ain't gonna happen, so they suck it up. They will be dancing to Fergie's new song off the SATC Movie soundtrack. If I haven't seen the movie yet, can this be considered a spoiler? We'll find out after the break.

Commercials. I hate these alltel commercials with the Wizard and the guys from all the different mobile service companies. I really hate them. They must be stopped.

So the choreography for the opening number is by famous dancers/choreographers Keith and Sharon. The dancers are gonna be like the Sex and the City girls! except with 3 boys. Who is who? Mochelle is Carrie. Miguel is Miranda. Cody is Charlotte and Nick is Samantha. Miguel thinks he is Carrie and Mochi is Miranda, but he's wrong. While rehearsing, Miguel rolls his ankle. Badly. He has to go to the hospital. We learn that he has strained his ankle. The doctor tells him to stay off of it for a week. But what about the competition?? Miguel is understandably conflicted and sits down with Jerry to talk about it.

Commercials. Coming up? More twists, of the non-ankle variety.

We're back. People are filing in to the theater for the finale show. There are fallen contestants. There is Mary Murphy in the house. There is some singer/songwriter you and i have never heard of. Miguel has decided to dance. Jerry says there is one more surprise. It's family members. Everyone is happy to see their parents. Jerry shoos the families away and gives final words of support and encouragement. Hands in, one last time. On three: Step it up and dance!

Final group performance. EB greets the packed house and introduces the Final Four Cylon Dancers. EB then introduces the judges. Vincent and Nancy are in the house. As is Akon. And his protege, the singer i couldn't identify before. There's a clip of his song that you and I have never heard before. The winner will be featured in this guy's new video. Somehow I still think the Final Four are more excited about the 100K Grand Prize. Okay, let's dance!

The group dance starts. I don't like it, It's not very dancy. I think it's maybe they way it's edited for TV but it just doesn't seem like they're really DOING anything. So then the audience filters out and the judges discuss who wins round one, based on the group number. Akon gives it to Mochelle, because his protege is male and wants to feature a female dancer in the video. It's that plain and simple. Mochelle was great as usual, but the guys didn't have a chance of winning this one. When we come back, we'll finally get to those solo numbers the dancers have been waiting to perform since the beginning of last week's episode.

Commercials. P.Runway, i await your return. I am sad you are going to lifetime next season. That seems like a weird fit.

The audience has gotten back into their seats. Mochi's solo is up first. The kimono is on and then it comes off. Mochelle really has a sick body. I think she's beautiful. Her dance is really passionate and powerful. Good Job, Mochelle!

Miguel and his swollen ankle are up next. His dance is sharp and has tons of personality. I do enjoy it as does the audience. Good work, Homeless Prince.

Cody takes the stage. He starts dancing... and his face has emotion! EMOTION! He looks... vulnerable! Who knew? And he has great technique and a perfect dancer's body. He has totally won. You know he has. Congrats, Captain Vanilla.

Then there's Nick. He's too hammy. He's not bad, but on SYTYCD they often tell people who are hammy that there is too much face-pulling and that's Nick's problem tonight. They probably won't address it, but it's a turn-off. He's a good guy though. Good work, NPN!

EB tells the audience to go home so the judges can decide. The judges congratulate them all and send them upstage so they can whisper about them from the house one last time. The judges like them all and are wowed by the solo pieces, but as the saying goes "it's getting near eleven, and we have to wrap things up." They've come to a unanimous long-foretold conclusion. We'll announce Cody as the winner on the other side of the break.

Commercials. That juice commercial just made me equal parts thirsty and horny. Ahh, advertising!

We're back. Decision time! Mochelle had power and grace and elegance. Cody showed passion and explosive technique. Miguel is fearless. Nick has definitely found his passion for dance again. The winner is: Cody. Shocked? No you're not! He's very happy. He immediately thinks of his dance partner who passed away so young and reminds us that there's no need to let fear stop you from doing what you want to do, while you have the chance. We must all find a way to Step It Up and Dance in our own lives. And also know when we need to Shut Our Faces as well.

With that, we're out. For those who have read this particular thread of posts, i thank you for sticking with the show all the way through. Enjoy the rest of your summer by watching the awesomeness of So You Think You Can Dance. And thank you EB, for all your awesomeness as the host of this show. It was great spending this time with you.

Now it's time to tap dance.

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