Monday, June 16, 2008

Completed Races

Today was a good long full day of goodness. It started bright and early when I had my 5 Mile run in Central Park. Conditions were not awesome for running. It was still rather hot and humid and the ground was damp and a little muddy from yesterday's rain, but I still managed to run a respectable 8:25 per mile pace. This was right in line with my 4 mile race a few weeks ago, so it's a good indicator that I am able to run longer distances at the pace i want to be at. Plus my physical recovery after this race was much easier than last time. So I was proud of myself. My dad called me while i was on the train ride home and I wished him a Happy Father's Day. He asked what I was doing and I told him about the race. "5 Miles!" he said, "did you finsh?" "Yes, i told you I was on the train home." i know," says Dad, "but did you get winded?" WINDED? No Dad, I was fine." But thanks for the vote of confidence! It's kinda hilarious that my Dad would think that i'd enter a race I coul

Then I came home ate lots of food, watched the Tim Russert Memorials on Meet The Press and the Chris Matthews show, and then took a nice two hour nap. I woke up, showered, ate some more food, then got dressed up in my tux and headed over to the Richard Rodgers Theater where we waited to get our limo to the Tonys.

The Tonys were fantastic. ITH won the four awards I was really hoping it would win: Orchestrations, Score, Choreography and the top prize of Best Musical. I couldn't be happier for Lin. This has been so many years in the making. God willing, Lin will go on to contribute so many other musicals to the Broadway stage. He's definitely got it in him to do so. I'm sure I've said it before in previous posts, but I love all the kids over at In the Heights, onstage and offstage. I'm so excited that their dreams have come true. I really am just overwhelmed by the love. They have come SO far and now they have their legacy on Broadway. The after-party was a joyous (and totally packed!) celebration of all their achievements. This evening was everything I'd hoped it would be for them. Now it's 4am and time for bed. But today The cast of Heights and I both crossed the finish line in our respective races and I'm very happy for what has been achieved.

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