Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend Update

I can't believe I went all weekend with no postings! Saturday was an all-day affair at my boss's garage sale. I thought i would just go help him set up in the morning, but i should have known i would not be able to leave until the end. It's really hard to describe how much stuff he had for sale. 12 boxes filled with books, years and years worth of magazines, giant bins of children's toys, dozens of wicker baskets, an endless amount of clothes not to mention the electronics and furniture. It was immense. People who came buy kept asking if they were selling the house and I had to assure them that all of this was actually just from the garage. They did not believe me! We sold a lot, but with all that stuff, how can you really make a dent in the inventory in one day? My boss said he would try again next year. I intend to call salvation army and have them haul all the stuff away. Because it's just too crazy. It's too much. And I'm not doing it again! And he can't set it all up on his own. From amongst the thousands of books, I did pull out an ancient, but good condition copy of The Muppet Show Book, which is a large, beautifully illustrated, hardcover book that highlights all the major characters and recurring skits of the show. It was well worth spending the day at the garage sale to have this lovely treasure now sitting on my bookshelf!

Sunday brought my first New York Road Runners race. I had nightmares about it all Saturday night, including one where I somehow finished my 4 mile race in the unimpressive time of 5 hours and 23 minutes. But the race in real life went very well. I look forward to many more of them in the future. The weather was perfect. I was a smidge nervous, because, well, it was my first race! But I shouldn't have been nervous. I actually ran really well. I was hoping to run a solid 10 minute mile average, but i actually clocked in at an average mile of 8:30! I figured out the perfect system to running a good race. Since there are literally thousands of people running these races it is not hard to accomplish. First, you find a cute girl who can clearly run just a little bit faster than you. 2. Don't let her out of your sight for the extent of the race. This is a perfectly enjoyable way to find a pace setter. It's also a nice standard by which to pick a girlfriend; finding someone who's a little better than you, but who makes you enjoy the challenge of staying at her pace. And as a bonus in racing, if the cute girl has her hair up in a ponytail, it will swish back in forth like a metronome while she's running, and that helps keep your feet going at the right speed. So I thank you, cute brunette in the tan shirt and black biking shorts. You led me to my best time in a 4-mile distance run. I actually talked to her after the race, but i realize now that i will have to work on my post-race flirting. One can be a little delirious immediately after a race and forget key parts of conversing. Like telling the girl your NAME, Owen. Jeez. Next time, I swear!

Overall, a very nice weekend.

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