Monday, May 5, 2008

Run For Your Life If You Can, Little Boy.

Today, kinda out of nowhere, I joined the New York Road Runners and signed up for my first race. Two things were leading up to this, the first is my long-time desire to run the NYC Marathon, and the second is inspiration from two of my co-workers who have been serious about getting into shape, and one of their ways of doing it has been running in the NYRRC races. Participation in these races is really the gateway to get to the NYC Marathon and i really feel that if the women from work can succeed, then so can I.

So I just sorta signed up today, and beyond my membership, I signed up for a 4 mile race through Central Park on Sunday. Right now I feel a bit of remorse and anxiety, kinda like I went on a Squishee bender and woke up to find myself a new member of the Junior Campers. I know I can run a 4 mile race without threat to my physical well-being. I ran 3 miles on Sunday and had plenty left in the tank. But now I'm convinced I am going to come in last. Last! That's right. If there are any old people running, they will still find a way to beat me. It's only 4 miles! Clearly everyone else will be sprinting the whole way. No one will understand that it's my first race. I'm nervous...

But it will bring me one step closer to my eventual marathon. I will get over my fears. This will be a good beginning. One step at a time. Deep breaths. 'Cause the thing about running marathons is that you have to remember to pace yourself.

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