Sunday, May 4, 2008

I'll drink your milkshake, There Will Be Blood!

Once again, I am losing my battle with Netflix. I actually followed through on my vow to watch 3:10 to Yuma. I really liked it, even if it kinda lost me in the last 20minutes. The performances were really on point, and Ben Foster provides more evidence to my argument that X-Men 3 should halve been subtitled "Proof that good actors can give bad performances." Because I really thought everyone was let down in that movie. The actors and the audience alike.

But ANYWAY, i watched it and then sent it back straight way. Netflix was unimpressed, and immediately send me Michael Clayton to see how I'd respond. What Netflix was not counting on was that I had to make a trip out to Long Island on the (offensively expensive) LIRR and had 1:20 minutes to kill each way. With an assist from my laptop, I had more than enough time on that trip to watch the movie. It was great! I realized that George Clooney is kind of my own personal anti-Russell Crowe. With both actors, I'm always aware that I'm watching a Celebrity Movie Star, but with Clooney I don't mind, and with Crowe i find it distracting. Even though i think they're both good actors. It's weird. Maybe it doesn't make sense, but it was made even clearer watching Yuma and Clayton back to back.

So at this point, I'm feeling good about my current record. I send back Clayton, and Netflix immediately returns the volley with a winning passing shot in the form of There Will Be Blood. This flick went from Movie I definitely want to see in the theaters, to movie I want to see before the Oscars, to movie I will eventually netflix so i really understand the context of "I'll drink your milkshake" a phrase I really like. So here it is in my apt. Ferociously staring at me, threatening me as if it was Daniel Day Lewis himself, minus the handlebar moustache. I was determined to watch it on Friday night, but them Facebook Mafia got very intense and then i went to the gym, and then after that i watched the new episode of BSG, um, twice. And then Saturday, BFF and I saw iron man (highly recommended, I CAN forget I'm watching Celebrity Movie Star Gwyneth Paltrow!) and i didn't want to watch two movies in the same day. And then today I woke up late, watched Obama on Meet The Press, and then I guess I could've... but i went running instead. It was a BEAUTIFUL spring afternoon. It was the right choice, but am i really gonna make time over the course of the work week to watch this intense movie? It's May Sweeps. My tv watching cup already runneth over. I think this movie might be here to stay... although the next movie in my queue is Into The Wild, and that could be months before i want to be wowed and depressed by that film.

Progress must be made! maybe if i turn it into a miniseries of viewings. I could watch a half hour every morning in place of one SBTB episode and be done by Friday. That could work... whatever it takes. I will not be brought down by you,Netflix! I'll drink your milkshake!

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