Friday, May 23, 2008

I almost forgot to tell you to Shut Your Face And Dance.

Ahh, once again it is time for this show. This week i am not watching it in real time because I went to see Indy 4 with friends last night. Review of that to follow. But let's cut to the chase: DVR, do your thing!

Previously, we were at 6 contestants, and then went down to five and then went back up to six again. This show will never end. Strut it, Gay Credits.

Oscar returns to the show and starts styling Captain Vanilla's hair. I don't know why. Janelle is freaking out because she can figure out the math: 2 girls remain in the competition and Mochelle is better than her at everything. Janelle knows she's on the bottom. HP and Mochelle are over their fight from last week... we think!

They all leave the Pegasus apartments and it looks like there's a funny moments where Mochelle tries to kill HP with a glass door. So maybe she is not as over their fight as she says they are. They laugh it off though.

They go to the parking lot and there's a limo waiting for them with a hot looking EB and also choreographer Tina Landon. They are doing music video dance this week? Alright. They are gonna learn the choreography to Umbrella. Click here for awesomeness related to that.

Tina is teaching the steps. Mochelle once again is very slow on the learning again. Miguel thinks he is on Tina's level. Oscar is all pissed off about it being a hip hop challenge again. Then why did you want to be back on this show, Oscar?? They do the audition. It looks fine. They all look into it enough. When they are done, Tina picks two team captains. HP thinks he will be chosen for sure. So who gets picked first? Nick, who honestly caught my eye as being very sharp and on point, and i usually barely notice he's there. HP is thinking, okay... well, she couldn't pick me TWICE, so she saved the best for last. But then Tina commits sacrilege and picks Cody as the second team leader. Miguel is ready to throw himself off the roof they are dancing on. The two leaders pick teams. Team Nick includes Janelle and Oscar. Team Vanilla includes Miguel and Mochelle. Jerry Mitchell tells them they are gonna go back to the studios and create additional choreography to go with what they just learned. Snore. I mean, exciting.

Credits. zip, zap, zop. DVR.

They're back at the studios. Nick's team is in the studio first. Miguel (of course) thinks that Nick made a great choice in choosing him first, since he happens to be a fantastic choreographer AS WELL AS a fantastic team player. I'm sure Michael would beg to differ on the last point. Nick is tired and Mochelle wants a younger body. And then there's a shot of Mochelle, who suddenly looks 400 years old. the hell??? It is then revealed that she is 30 which i never would've guessed until a moment ago. Mochelle thinks she's breaking the stereotype that dancers have to be young. Go go, Granny Mochi! The team likes what they came up with.

Cody's team is next. They can't agree on anything. It's mostly stylistic differences. Janelle's style is better for the music and routine but Captain Vanilla is in charge and Janelle does not have great communication skills. They lock horns on every count of 8. I don't like Captain Vanilla, but I think Janelle is going about this the wrong way. At least by what the editing shows. They do come up with something though, and Jerry dismisses them from the rehearsal studio. They return to the apartments to go to sleep and Janelle and Miguel talk about how they have their dance careers are ahead of them because they are young, unlike Cody and Mochelle who are great dancers, but old and on their way out. Miguel tells Janelle she has to stay alive past this round, which most likely means she won't.

Commercials. A-List Awards. Coming at you soon! I swear!

The dancers make breakfast. Nick is getting ready, Janelle is not thrilled with what they have. They go back to the studios with Tina Landon. Tina is gonna put all their different sections together so it doesn't look like total crap in front of the judges. She's also giving them a little ending to cap off the number. They keep rehearsing and then perform for Tina. She tells them what their group flaws are. Nick's group is missing emotion (surprise!) while Cody is trying to look better than his teammates (bigger surprise!) Everyone makes a mental note of her critique, as we head to The Callback.

Callback! EB introduces everyone to the judges and sets them all straight about rules and order of events. Time to step it up, folks. Well not right now, EXACTLY. First we have more commercials.

Commercials. There's a circus going on under the water... i think it's an insurance commercial. Unsettling.

We return. Ella. Ella. Hey. Hey. Hey. There is dancing. It looks fine. I'm kinda bored with this routine though. The video is much better, Throw some water around! The judges liked Nick's group better, They all love Mochelle! Nick is the dark horse! Cody's star is falling! Miguel is over enthusiastic! Janelle is young! Oscar is... there? I think Janelle is going home.

The judges can't figure out who to give top honors. It's been Mochelle and Nick. Somehow Nick wins in a split decision. He's thrilled. Mochelle takes it in stride and seems happy for him. So Nick gets to be Tina's assistant for the day or something. He seems to think this is a great prize. I think this show has no budget for "prizes." It's between Janelle and Oscar to get the axe. As we knew it would be.

Commercials. I have no Lost waiting for me this week. And no new BSG this week either! Boo!!

We're back. So who goes home? Oscar! Oh, good. He has no second chance at a last dance. he's just gone. The show is over for him. Again. He's cool with it though. It took coming back to remember he actually hated being on this show. EB calls the others back on stage. They are the Final Five Dancing Cyclons! They will go home, choreograph a 1 minute piece that says who they are and how they can lead the Fleet back to the 13th Colony of Earth and the worst them will get blown out of an airlock and sent back to obscurity. Who will it be? Hang in there, Janelle. you're the Starbuck of this show now. Hey I finally found you a nickname! Woohoo!

Next week: People return to the show with haircuts. A difficult challenge awaits! Starbuck starts crying from the intensity of it all. Hold it together, girl! End of line!

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