Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Has anyone heard from Spring?

Dear May, You are not March. Please start acting accordingly. Love. Owen

It is seriously freezing in my apartment right now. I'm wearing a sweatshirt and still I'm freezing. I don't know what the current temp is outside, but there is no heat in the building, being that it's mid-May, and it's like I'm sitting in a freezer. I would love to go to sleep since I have a very early call time tomorrow morning but the cold is keeping me awake. I will try to climb into the ice cube tray that is my bed and read a little Harry Potter and hope that sends me into a magical dreamland of sleep...

About 24 hours later. I am still cold. Granted, in between now and the last time I wrote there were several hours of nice weather which prompted beautiful people to walk around outside in skimpier-than-usual clothing, and that was all good. However, after those few quick hours, things have fallen back to their hateful cold rainy standard. Get it together, May. I want good weather for Memorial Day Weekend! It is not too much to ask. NY1 had originally said it would be warm and sunny, but now today they were hemming and hawing about how maybe there was a new storm front coming in to keep it cold and disgusting outside. I am not a fan. Shape up. May. Or ship out.

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