Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thou Shalt Not Wear Track Pants

So when I'm working out at my neighborhood gym, I sometimes see a very old priest working out along side me. I'm all in favor of people of all ages staying in shape, but the thing that gets me is that he works out in his full priestly robes. These long, black, very heavy looking robes. Do you know how strange it is to see an old man with a long white beard in robes running at top speed on a treadmill? I fear he is going to have a heart attack. It does not seem like an outfit conducive to exercise. I mean, clearly, it will help sweat off the pounds, but it looks bizarre and it must be uncomfortable to run in. Will the church really not allow him civvie clothing to work out? If he keeps the collar on, can't he at last get some sweatpants? It just seems to me like Jesus would be okay with this request. Where is the harm?

I really feel he could hurt himself if the robes get caught up in the elliptical machine. It's an accident waiting to happen, but it can be prevented. I hope whatever denomination this man serves will do right by him and reform its policies and let him train in proper clothes. It's the right thing. Just ask yourselves: WWJD? I'm sure he'd wear an old shirt and ratty sweats like the rest of us.

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