Saturday, April 12, 2008

How do you like them egg rolls, Mr. Goldstone?

Ohhh, Gypsy is a good show. I had never seen it before either on stage or screen, but it's one of those shows where you've heard most of the songs before, even if you didn't know which show the songs came from. And all the songs are great.

This production is really fantastic and I highly recommend seeing it. The set broke for a little while this afternoon, but nobody cared. I kinda love when that shit happens anyway. Patti Lupone is truly Great as Mama Rose, Great in the strongest sense of the word. It's a brave, furiously energetic performance. That role has got to be a total bear to perform 8 times a week. And twice a day? Yikes. Everyone else was really wonderful too. I was struck by how equal parts sad and compelling the show was. Take notice, A Catered Affair! You can explore sad circumstances and desperate people and still not be a show that's a total downer!! I was also struck by the powerful performance of Boyd Gaines as Herbie. So expressive and sincere. Laura Benanti also does a wonderful job with Louise. And the orchestra is FANTASTIC. There's nothing like an amazing musical score. This one is done up to perfection. It's great seeing such an enormous band getting it's due right on stage. Live music for live theater! That's what I say! So if you've never seen Gypsy, or even if you have, this is definitely a production to see.

On a side note, seeing two shows on consecutive days that deal with desperate people who fear their lives will remain unremarkable? That can do a number on an idle artist's sense of self worth. Oof. Seeing all this theater is inspiring, but shows like this one can make me terrifyingly insecure about what the future may hold.

And finally, to the woman who came in to take her seat during the first scene, well after the Orchestra had finished the Overture: It is ridiculous that you should loudly exclaim to the usher, "Not so fast! I'm afraid of heights!" as the woman tries to help you find your seats. I realize we were high up, and maybe you were afraid, but the likelihood of you tripping and somehow tumbling down the stairs and falling over the side of the balcony to the orchestra seating below is pretty unlikely. If you want to slowly walk to your seat while the house lights are still on, get there before the show starts. That will provide the added bonus of you not interrupting the show for everyone else. Broken sets i can deal with, but late-comers are not so easily forgiven. Oh, and stop texting during the show, ladies and gentlemen. It's obnoxious. You know it is!

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