Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Enslaved By The Bell

If you don't get rid of Linda, I'm gonna throw her out the winda. - Lisa Turtle

Ahh. I love Saved By The Bell. I really do. And chances are? So do you. I think I love it more now than i did almost 20 years ago when it was first on TV. I watched it religiously then. I still watch it religiously now. I cannot turn away. When I first realized it was on TBS for two hours every morning (from 7am-9am. Check your local listings!) I was a bit confused. I mean two hours? That's a lot of time to give to SBTB. That's 20 episodes a week! At first I thought, "TBS is doing this just for me! Thank you, TBS." But then I casually mentioned it to several other people and they admitted that they still watched it before going to work as well. And that sometimes we leave for work a little later than we should so that we can watch an episode to its entirety.

Why should we feel compelled to do this? Why are we still watching? I must have seen every episode of this show at least 10 times. I can recite all the lines. There are no new surprises. But I still really enjoy it. Like yesterday I got to see the two parter with Jessie's father's wedding and then the two parter where Zack dates a homeless girl at Christmas. It still makes me laugh when Jessie is a total bitch to her future stepmother, and when Slater can't gift wrap presents in the mall to save his life. Heeheehee!

During the day, i will catch myself singing Zack Attack songs or the School song. I text iconic lines to friends (you might as well respond, Alyssa! I will never stop sending them!) People might find this extreme, and maybe it is. It's not really an obsession, I'd consider it more hopeless devotion. Sure, the show is familiar and comforting, but it's more than that. It's a part of me. I could never let it go. I wouldn't want to.

Say what you will, Saved By The Bell is truly a modern classic of television. I hope TBS is still playing it 20 years from now when (presumably) my own kids are going to high school. If TBS or TV in general no longer exists, I have the whole show on DVD, so I will save a DVD player and a TV set so i can continue to watch it. I will still cry when Kelly dumps Zack for Muldoon and i will still smile when Screech is crowned Ms. Bayside. And of course I will sing along with a bat-shit crazy jessie, all hopped-up on caffeine pills, as she insists to Zack that she's so excited, when we all know she's so scared.

Years from now, no matter where we've travelled. We'll all look back and think about our friends...We'll all look back and think about our FRIEEEEENDS!!

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