Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dear Mafia, Why am i dead?

My friends and I play Facebook Mafia. A lot. We've been doing this very consistently for nearly 6 months. I'll try to sum up the rules to you here, if you don't know the game. it's basically a party game where a few people in the room are killers and you have to figure out who they are through differen rounds of group debate and voting. If the killers manage to stay hidden (during the "day") and "at night" kill off the innocent citizens, (more lovingly refered to as "Town") then the mafia win. Online the mafia rarely win because the game is really designed to let the citizens win. Eventually. There's a cop character who can check the truth about one player during the "night" portion of a game day and a doctor who can protect any one player from death during the night. It takes about 4 days to complete a game. It's usually a tuesday through friday routine and the game runs 24/7. This is actually helpful since our core group of players is spread out in different time zones.

Since we've played so many times we make up additional rules to make the experience more challenging or at least, more dramatically challenging. The humdinger of a rule this time is that we can't talk about the game off of the main posting wall. Usually we break off into many different threads and alliances off the main game to try and figure out who the mafia are among us. The computer assigns jobs randomly, but honestly, it has its patterns and definitely plays favorites.

In our current game, I'm dead. I was the cop and got killed WAY to early. I can still post comments to the board as a ghost, but only other dead peeps can see what i have to say. There has been much comment in the game since my death about whether or not i broke any rules or have been cheating by talking to still-active players. It has been astonishing to watch debate over my actions play out over the game. I really do love Facebook Mafia. I love my friends. I love being mafia and killing my friends each day. I can't wait for the truth to be revealed. Until that day comes, I have posted a lovely song by an unknown masked fellow who dedicated verse #2 of his song to yours truly. I've never felt so honored.

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