Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Congratulations, Former Fatties!

Hello! This is Ali. She just won The Biggest Loser by dropping 9 MILLION POUNDS! Okay, she didn't lose that much but she lost well over 100 lbs - seriously almost half her body weight. Thank goodness Ali won. Women have such a hard time winning this show. I think it's because men tend to become bigger fatties than women, giving them more weight to lose, and men having an easier time dropping weight than women. But Ali broke the trend and won 250K. Goof for her. As you can see from the pictures provided, her weight loss really is quite an accomplishment. Everyone did a great job this year actually. This show does a great job of cramming a finale and reunion show all into 2 hours. It's fun to see how good everyone looks and the whole thing moves along at a quick pace.

The Biggest Loser has become one of my favorite shows. I avoided it for years and then one weekend I caught a marathon of an old season on some random channel like CNBC! It was then I realized that this show was produced by the same guys that make Endurance, which is a teenage version of Survivor. Since Endurance is one of my all-time tv obsessions, I was totally sold on Biggest Loser. Though the contestants on each show could not be more different, they all go through the same physical challenges. Aside from the crazy games, the transformations are incredible. And I've actually picked up several helpful hints to eating healthier. It's a good show! Special shout out to Bernie for winning the battle of the eliminated contestants and pocketing himself 100K. Rock on Bernie! You're a class act.

Now it's time to get myself a 60 calorie jello pudding for dinner. That's what I've done today to make me feel proud.

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